TSA Screening and Security Procedures

Transportation Security Administration takes responsibility to monitor and check baggage, carry-on bags, items, and belongings of each passenger, before boarding.

At security checkpoints, passengers have to remove all belongings, carry-on bags, liquid packages, electronic devices, cloth such as shoes, belts, jackets, coats, and place each item on a separate bin for X-ray screening. Meanwhile, passengers undergo millimeter that scans and detects any metal-made materials, to prevent any explosives or prohibited items on board.

Airport Security Department

The Westchester Security Department is responsible for processing and completing an effective Airport Security Program that ensures the safety of the airport property, as well as the safety of each passenger. The HPN Badging Office provides information to airport tenants and employees on the badging process, and other matters as well, that are related to the working process at the airport.

Required Documents / Real ID

Passengers must show valid identification forms to fly via Westchester County Airport throughout the United States. All traveling public need to present a passport, state-issued or federal-issued forms of ID with photo.

From the beginning of October 1, 2020, passengers will be required to present Real ID-compliant to driver’s license to be allowed to enter federal facilities in the U.S.

TSA PreCheck

Transportation Administration Security provides a TSA PreCheck program, which allows its members to undergo security screening procedures without removing cloth and items from carry-on bags. Passengers are pre-checked and pre-arranged, they have to show boarding pass with TSA PreCheck allowance document to go through checkpoints.